5 Best Items to Pack In Your Gym Bag

Oct 12, 2021Gym

Keep your gym bag packed and ready for a great workout

While you can always come to the gym with only the clothes on your back and shoes on your feet, some additional items are important to consider for a great workout. Newcomers often bring too little (or too much) to the gym, but there is a sweet spot of items that can help a great day at the gym. Consider these 5 best items to pack in your gym bag.

Water Bottle

It may seem like a no-brainer, but water is essential to keep you hydrated during the workout. Many gyms offer disposable cups near the water stations, but that really isn’t enough ounces to keep you hydrated. Consider packing a stainless steel water bottle that will help keep water cool or one with a handle that is easy to carry around to different pieces of equipment.

Another key factor in choosing the right water bottle is to make sure that yours can fit in the water bottle spot of your favorite cardio machine. Nothing is more annoying than having to pause a workout because your water bottle isn’t easily accessible. Choosing a water bottle with a straw option will also help you drink more water throughout your workout as well as make it easier to drink while you’re moving.

Small Towel

Many of us sweat during our workout (some more than others!), making a small towel a nice item to have in your gym bag. This towel can help keep you dry during the workout or used afterward to help clean up in the locker room. Small towels also can be used during floor exercises to serve as a barrier between yourself and the gym floor.

High Protein Snack

Any kind of athletic activity can easily make you a bit hungry, especially if your workout is intense. Consider throwing in some high-protein snacks into your gym bag to help curb cravings and help you recover from a workout. Protein bars are easy to transport as well as small bags of nuts or dried fruit.

Extra Headphones

Working out with headphones helps keep you motivated when listening to upbeat music or watching a show. Instead of trying to remember your headphones from work or home, consider purchasing another set into your gym bag to use exclusively at the gym. This will help ensure that you always have headphones ready for a workout.

Hair Accessories

For those with long hair, a small hairbrush and hair bands can be the difference between a great and subpar workout. Putting your hair up helps keep you cool and reduces distractions during cardio or strength training sessions. For those with shorter hair, packing a headband or bandana can help keep sweat from dripping down your hair as well.

All of these items will help prepare you to have a great workout. While there is more to pack if you plan on showering at the gym, these 5 essentials will get you started. If going to the gym every day or multiple times a week, consider packing your bag at the start of the week with extra items that you will use at each workout. Remember these 5 best items to pack in your gym bag before your next workout.

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