Free Weights

The most well-built pieces of fitness equipment, designed for optimal performance.

Free Weights at 247 Fitness Covington

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Free weights

We are one of the few facilities that offer selectorized machines, plate loaded machines, as well as free weights. Free weights allow you to perform any work out without restrictions. We have a huge selection of dumbbells, medicine balls, and kettlebells.


The majority of people think that free weights give them better workouts as it taxes their muscles and gives them growth more than what a regular machine can do.

Free weights are more functional and improve balance and posture when performing exercises.

Free weights are ideal for working slow, controlled movements.

Free Weights at 247 Fitness Covington

Add some versatility in your work outs and strength training by making use of the large selection of weights at our facility.

Free Weights at 247 Fitness Covington