Nervous About the Gym? 4 Tips to Help With Gym Anxiety

Oct 14, 2021Gym

A woman smiles as she uses the treadmill

Starting an exercise routine at any gym can be a bit nerve-racking. Not only is it a new place, but it could also be your first time committing to your health. While the gym is often a friendly and welcoming place, some things could cause some anxious feelings. If you are nervous about the gym, remember these 4 things to help with gym anxiety.

Remember Everyone Has Been a Beginner

Many times we see those fit men and women in a gym and think that they have it all together. However, it is important to remember that they were once the newbie in the gym too. While these people can be intimidating, they often are quite nice and rather helpful. Don’t let your own assumptions convince you that you are too out of shape to be at the gym. Everyone has been a beginner, and we all have to start somewhere.

Make a Plan Before You Go

Some gym anxiety stems from being overwhelmed by all of the choices once you get there. Make a plan for your workout with what you want to accomplish before you go. Write out the cardio machine you’ll use and how long you’ll be on the machine. Then add in strength or flexibility options that focus on a certain muscle group. Check online for different workout plans that can help you get the most out of your workout and reduce anxiety.

Avoid Peak Hours

If you are really nervous about working out in front of others, consider asking the front desk when off-peak hours are with fewer people. The busiest times for a gym are often early in the morning before work or in the early evening after everyone gets off work. Consider coming in for a workout in the early afternoon or even late at night if your gym is open 24/7.

Schedule a Personal Training Session

Some people have gym anxiety because they are intimidated by the machines and special equipment. Consider scheduling a personal training session with a professional trainer to help you learn about the machines and how they work. The trainer can set you up with a workout program and help you decide what kind of activity is best for your health goals. Don’t be afraid to ask gym staff about how machines work.

Going to the gym should be a fun and upbeat experience. If you’re feeling anxious about starting a new exercise program or just feel intimidated by others at the gym, consider using any one of these tips. As you create a routine, your anxiety should dissipate as you get used to the people and machines. Remember these 4 tips to help with gym anxiety this year.

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