New to Gym Workouts? Here are 5 Tips to Keep You Safe

Oct 5, 2021Gym

A personal trainer helps a new gym member on a stationary exercise bike

We all know that the gym can be an intimidating place. It seems like everyone around you is a pro athlete or at least looks like they know what they are doing. It can be hard to remember how everything works as a newcomer, and sometimes, a little slip-up could be quite dangerous. If you are new to gym workouts, here are 5 tips to help keep you safe:

Take the Tour

Most gyms offer an introductory tour or free personal training session to help get you acquainted with the equipment. While your first reaction may be to skip this part of the process, it really can help in learning how to use different pieces and keep yourself from getting hurt.

Gym employees want to help you and can offer tips on how to run cardio machines and stay safe in the weight room. Even if you’ve been coming for a few months now, consider asking the staff about the tour if you missed it.

Ask for Help

Not only are the gym employees helpful, but also many other gym members can offer support as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone nearby who looks like they know what they are doing. Many times fellow gym members are happy to assist you, and you may just meet a new friend in the process!

For specific help with certain machines that are best for your workout, consider hiring a personal trainer. Not only will you get a good workout, but also one that is tailored to your body, and the trainer can show you how to do certain exercises.

Don’t Ignore Safety Keys

Many of the cardio machines are high-tech pieces of equipment that come with the latest safety features. This is especially true for treadmills that offer an emergency safety key for users. While you may feel silly wearing the clip, it can help keep you safe should you lose your footing or end up going too fast. There is no shame in staying safe!

Start Out Small

First-time gym members usually are pretty gung-ho about the idea of getting fit. However, resist the urge to do too much at first. Start your workouts out slowly and try out different cardio machines and lighter weight lifting options.

You’ll quickly find out what you like and what works for your body type and fitness level. This is especially true in the weight room, where you need to build up your strength to handle a large amount of weight. Don’t risk the chance of getting hurt by doing too much too fast.

Always Disinfect Your Machine After Use

It was a faux pas to pass on wiping down your machine before the pandemic, but now it is even more important to do to stop the spread of germs. Both the cardio and weight areas should have disinfectant spray and towels to use to wipe off the machine after you’re done with it. Be kind to your fellow gym members by cleaning the machine and equipment every time you finish a workout.

Working out in a new gym can be intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be! It is essential to stay safe at all times when pushing your body to limits that you may have never accomplished before. Remember all of these safety tips to keep yourself (and those around you) safe at the gym.

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